Events You Design


Let us help you plan your next event. Events You Design will show you:

  • The Basics of Design
  • How to Decorate
  • Plan Your Food
  • Plan Your Desserts
  • Help With Wedding Cakes
  • Choosing Beverages
  • Design a Buffet
  • Determine a Floor Plan
  • Furniture Placement
  • Select the Flowers
  • Choose the Lighting
  • Use Chuppahs, Arches, Gazebos, Tents, and Backdrops
  • Adorn the Aisle
  • Miscellaneous Other Need to Know Party Planning Tips

Product Description

Life is a matter of taste.”
Gaius Petronius, judge of elegance

Planning a party can be exciting or stressful. It really is up to you. Follow the simple outline provided in this book and planning will be exciting. There will be no stress and you will create a fabulous party.

The basic steps to event planning enable the reader a simple understanding of what is necessary to create the perfect party. It is important to know how to design a working plan that will enable you to create a successful event. You will learn to plan ahead, budget money, delegate authority, hire qualified vendors and anticipate your guests’ needs. The key to your success is in the planning strategies you develop.

The decorating ideas in this book will help you create a unique space that captures your persona. You can create elegance on a large budget as well as a small one. Determine a theme and build upon it with artistic and culinary solutions. This book contains ideas for food displays, bar setups, flowers, furniture, chuppahs, gazebos, tents, backdrops and much more so that you can achieve a unique style for your event. Some of the ideas you can create yourself and some require the help of a professional. It is all about creating the look that you envision.

Why EVENTS YOU DESIGN? Because I hope you will enjoy planning parties as much as I do. After all, half the fun of a party is the planning. You want to enjoy your party and guests. By planning you will enjoy your party as much as your guests do. Bon Appétit!