Chapter 1 – Basics of Design


Learn all about

  • Basics of Design
  • Sticking to a Budget
  • Location
  • Working with Rental Companies
  • Inventory
  • Hiring an Event Coordinator/Caterer
  • Time line for set-up/Time line for Order of Service
  • Etiquette
  • Elements of a Room Set-up

Product Description

 Basics of design

When your guests leave having had a perfect experience of a flawless event, you know all of the planning, organization, and hard work have paid off.


Form a budget by determining how much you can afford to spend. You can pull off a stunning event if you stay within your budget using your imagination.


Included in chapter 1 is a list of 46 ideas for locations to give you some food for thought.

Rental Companies

Throughout the book you will find lists of questions and sample contracts for vendors. Also provided is information to help you acquire a rental company.


Keep track of the equipment needed for your event and save some money by utilizing existing equipment that you have or is available at your venue.

Hiring an Event Coordinator/Caterer

When planning your event you want to heir professionals that will be inline with your vision. Choose the best Event Coordinator or Caterer utilizing the chart included in chapter 1 to help you keep track of any information received from perspective vendors. Be sure to note what you like or dislike about the vendors in this chart so you can compare vendors when making your final decision.

Time line for set-up/Time line for Order of Service

Included in chapter 1 are charts that detail the time line for set-up and order of service. It is very important to relay information to those who are involved in the preparation of your event. By utilizing these forms, everyone involved will be well informed.


There are some rules that should be followed to ensure your party is successful you’ll find these helpful tips in chapter 1 of the book.

Elements of a Room Set-up

Do you know how to utilize the space at your venue to optimize the layout and make the room more usable? This information is available in the book.